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Banking and Insurance Programme prepares the students, for the highly competitive and rapidly changing environment. It gives the students a firm foundation of knowledge in Turkish Banking and Insurance sectors, and the ability to use that knowledge in a range of contexts. The curriculum has been designed to supply qualified graduates for employment in the banking and insurance sectors. The Banking and Insurance Program aims to meet needs of the financial sector, especially those who are informed in banking and insurance area as well as in operation and procedures of capital markets. Along with economics, accounting, banking, insurance, law, and computer literacy courses during the two-year education, the students are also given professional courses in expertise areas needed by the sector. 30 days summer Intern training is mandatory. Courses are also given by the managers and experts of the sectors. Within this frame, the graduates of Banking and Insurance Program are taking their places in the real and finance sector as qualified employees with theoretical and technical fundamentals needed by the sector. They are recruited by banks, insurance companies and agencies in the first place, in finance departments of companies as well as public sector. Furthermore, the students of Banking and Insurance Program have the chance to transfer to State and Foundation Universities' Undergraduate Programs at the end of their education through DGS exam to continue their university lives.